Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy.

Is my email address shared with anyone outside the MyPowerConference™ service?

No. We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal information. Your email address and other personal information submitted at will never be rented, shared or sold.

Do you log user IP addresses?

Yes. When visitors request pages from this site, their IP address is recorded for tracking purposes. When a person registers to create their own Operator account, or creates a Guest account to login to any MyPowerConference™ room, their IP address is stored for security purposes.

Do you use statistical tracking software on the site?

Yes. As with most sites, we log aggregate usage statistics. This data is analyzed using statistical software designed to identify overall usage trends and issues.

If I submit a question or request from the contact page is my email address added to a mailing list?

No. Other than a personal follow-up to an inquiry you've previously made, we do not add your address to any mailing list.

Tell-A-Friend (See, Send & Share) Service

Email addresses entered into the fields in the Tell-A-Friend (See, Send & Share) windows are not collected or saved in any manner.


Your service provider for MyPowerConference™ is MyPowerConference, LLC We do not record or see your credit card information. Your transaction is processed through using their encrypted payment system. 2Checkout respects your privacy. They comply with all applicable privacy laws, including stringent international and U.S. laws. They only handle your Personal Information as described in their Privacy Statement. Please note that by submitting your Personal Information, you consent to the limited uses described in their Privacy Statement.

If I sign-up for the free 14 day trial account, is my email address added to a mailing list?

Yes. The assumption is made, when you sign-up for the free 30 day account that you are legitimately interested and may purchase a subscriber account once you've received enough information. When you create your free 30 day account, you will automatically begin receiving an email series that shows you the benefits of MyPowerConference™ and ways you can use this system. Your email address will never be shared with other organizations for commercial purposes. If you need to unsubscribe, simply reply to the email you receive with the words REMOVE or UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line or body.

When I invite people to enter my meeting room is their email address shared with anyone or added to a mailing list?

No. The only possible reason your Guests would ever receive an email from us would be if a major software upgrade was released that required your Guests to download this update in order to use the service and features in your room.


No cookies are stored on your computer from visiting Your complete privacy is a high priority with us. AT NO TIME IS ANY PERSONAL OR UNRELATED INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR COMPUTER OR SOFTWARE SHARED WITH ANYONE OUTSIDE MyPowerConference, LLC

Spam Policy

We are committed to the highest standards of online etiquette - this means no spamming, to any degree will be tolerated. Tough Spam policies are in everyone's best interests. MyPowerConference, LLC has a ZERO TOLERANCE SPAM POLICY, which means that Spam activity of any kind will result in immediate termination of your subscription including all rights therein. Legal prosecution if necessary will be pursued in order to protect the rights of Professional Global Marketing, Inc. This policy applies to ALL MyPowerConference™ accounts. Spam consists of advertising services or goods by email to anyone without specific prior request or in the absence of a previously established relationship. Messages sent to unknown parties for the purpose of creating a request shall also be deemed to be Spam, even if specific services or goods are not mentioned. Also considered Spam are any messages posted to message boards or Usenet groups that are not related to their subjects of discussion. In the event of a dispute regarding Spam, the burden of proof is on the YOU, not the recipient. Spam will not be tolerated in any context, this includes an invitation to your own MyPowerConference™ conference room. In addition, you will be liable for any financial loss caused to Professional Global Marketing as a result of Spam, including service interruptions which will be charged at a rate of $500.00 per person per hour minimum. In fairness to MyPowerConference, LLC and other MyPowerConference™ customers, Spam will not be tolerated. Many states (USA) have enacted laws outlawing Spam and similar conduct. Also, many Internet service providers will terminate sites that have a high number of Spam complaints. Tough Spam policies are in everyone's best interests. Familiarize yourself with all relevant Spam related state and federal laws. As the client (room owner) or trial account owner, you understand that this Zero Tolerance Spam Policy is submitted to the company via electronic medium and by selecting the Agree option when creating your account, you agree to all conditions of this Spam Policy.